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Targeted Individuals: An Invitation to the Truth

Hello guys and girls of the Targeted Individual community

It's been a while since I wrote my last blog post. In fact it's been 6 years. Six tremendous years since I wrote The 7 Keys to V2k and the Truth Will Set You Free, the first and second books in the V2k trilogy series.

Some of you will know me, Electric Angel, as the webmaster of

A number of you will know me for formulating The Grid Exit Method, the anti-V2k mind-control program of 2011.

"NOT a Countermeasure. NOT a Shield. Electronic Harassment is DEAD," is how I roll at And as most Targeted Individuals reading this blog will see...

I don't believe in shielding.

Shielding is the euphamism used by Targeted Individuals when they don't know the meaning of Electronic Harassment. Shielding says, "hey, I'm a TI who needs to shield myself from EH, because I don't understand what causes it."

How unfortunate.

Targeted Individuals still looking to shield themselves from Electronic Harassment have already run the full gamut of solutions and exhausted themselves on using the many shielding methods of quack doctors and convention speakers at TI conventions.

The solutions given at conventions range from traveling beyond the atmosphere of earth to escape the frequencies, to diving to the deepest depth of the ocean to negate the targeting and the torture. Another solution is to go underground, into a mine or a cave essentially, to circumnavigate the frequencies that constitute "satellite" terrorism in America, and so on.

Ridiculous and spurious; hardly practical, yes?

To dive to the bottom of the ocean to escape Electronic Harassment. To enter into an underground cavern to dodge satellite terrorism. I don't think so.

Which one - or more - of the so-called convention speakers advocate this null and vacuous advice? Whom of these so-called experts disseminate these halucinogenic statements, designed to keep Targeted Individuals pinioned on false solutions?

Was it Eleanor White, who has since passed away in 2015, Nick Begich, Dr John Hall the satellite guy, or the FFCHS, who said go snorkeling with the fishes to lose Electronic Harassment?

The truth is, it could have been any of these hacks.

But it's time to get real.

And it's more than time to differentiate the wheat from the chaff.

In fact, it's somewhat of a "time out" for Targeted Individuals who continue to buy into such harebrained schemes.

What causes Electronic Harassment?

Is it Satellite Terrorism? Like Dr John Hall says?
Is it Microwave Hearing? Like Eleanor White said?
Is it Nanotechnology? Like some TIs are now saying?

Some of you will know me as the first Targeted Individual to get rid of V2k.

It's not just a rumor.

It's the subject of a major book called The Radiohead Protocol, the third and final book in the V2k trilogy series, written in 2016.

It's the story of an old guy who invented Electronic Harassment and how Perpetrators came to be.

And it's the story of the decline of Perpetrators now, where V2k mind-control finally has an Alpha and an Omega...

... a beginning and an END.

About time too, is what I always say, as an ex-Targeted Individual.

Yours in anti-mind-control since 2011

Electric Angel
Author, V2k survivor and Anti-V2k Activist with a pulse

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How to diagnose V2k in a so-called Voice-to-Skull Victim

I’ve often been asked by my readers, how do I diagnose whether I have V2k or Schizophrenia? The answer to this is pretty simple. Schizophrenia is a biological phenomenon that leaves no electrical evidence, except the patient’s claims that he or she is hearing voices, and, of course, the psychiatrist’s financially-driven need to lock the patient in to a Schizophrenic prescription and doctor-patient visiting regime.

However, V2k, when heard, leaves behind an electronic trail of evidence, for the Targeted Individual intrepid enough to record such blatant manifestations, when knowing what to look for.

So how do you evidence V2k?

  1. Go for an EEG (Electroencephalography)
This is an exceedingly simple procedure, whereby you make an appointment to go to a neurologist at a private practice, or in a hospital, who makes a recording of the electrical activity taking place in your brain. This procedure is most commonly used for persons who are suspected of being epileptic. The neurologist applies electrodes to the head of the patient, and begins to record the electrical activity in the patient’s brain.

An epileptic will display electrical signs of “spiking”, alerting the neurologist to the fact that the patient is epileptic, usually resulting in a prescription for anti-epileptic – or anti-spiking – psychiatric medication.

However, for the V2k victim, electrical activity in the brain mimics that of epilepsy. In fact, the V2k victim may be so electrically active in the cranium, that the term “spiking” may not even apply. There is a worse term used by neurologists, called “bursting”, when electrical activity in the brain is so severe, that it defies any other definition.

V2k causes this “bursting” electrical pattern or phenomenon, of which V2k victims should be very much aware. If you are suffering from 24/7 occurring V2k, you should consider going for said EEG, and retaining the evidence for your own edification.

Now, in terms of evidence, does a “spiking” or “bursting” EEG result constitute evidence of V2k? Unfortunately it does not, in both medical and psychiatric contexts. As V2k, in the 21st century, is a growing phenomenon and thus an emerging psychological anomaly, medical practitioners are not equipped to deal with synthetically-induced conditions, such as Morgellons disease or V2k.

If you are a well-versed TI, you may know that Morgellons disease, due to the diligent effort of Morgellons sufferers and activists, is widely speculated to be a nanotechnology-induced condition. Thus, you may intuit herein that V2k, too, is driven by nano- or micro-technology, but more about that in future posts.

Having gone to the trouble of obtaining an EEG while under the influence of V2k/electronic mind-control, it may certainly be suspicious or convincing to a TI - and perhaps other interested parties such as stubbornly disbelieving family members - that the TI, who has no prior incidence of epileptic seizures, may quite suddenly and inexplicably manifest “bursting” brainwave patterns and activity, most likely prompting a diagnosis of epilepsy by a presiding physician.

How you convince others that you are under the influence of V2k is your own problem, and in most instances just not possible. Non-V2k victims will NEVER understand V2k, and how you are affected by it. It simply defies their comprehension, but you will know that you have been electronically interfered with, once you have an EEG recording in hand.

  1. Measure yourself with an RF (Radio Frequency) meter
This is part of the diagnosis strategy offered in The Truth Will Set You Free: How to Disentrain from Neuro-Electromechanically Engineered Mind-Control in 90 Days, Guaranteed, but I offer it here to you FREE in the hope that it may bring you some enlightenment of what plagues you.

Most TIs who are subjected to Electronic Harassment have, due to advice given elsewhere online, obtained a Radio Frequency (RF) meter to check whether they have a radio frequency in their vicinity or trained upon them.

The common consensus is to measure the air space around the TI, but here’s the clinching trick from Electric Angel: Instead of measuring AROUND your head, do the following: Obtain your fully-charged RF meter. Extend the RF meter’s antenna. Open your mouth. Insert the RF meter’s extended antenna into your mouth. Ensure that the antenna does not touch any part of the mouth, internally or externally.

Note a positive or negative reading on the RF meter. If you are a bone-fide V2k victim, the reading will be POSITIVE, showing the presence of a radio frequency signal within the oral cavity. If the reading is NEGATIVE, you may need to look elsewhere for a diagnosis, and V2k is unlikely to be the culprit, unless you meet the conditions below.

What do you do, firstly, if you don’t have a RF meter? If you happen to have a Gauss meter (usually more expensive than an RF meter to purchase), this, too, will do. Instead of detecting a radio frequency, a Gauss meter will detect the presence of an electromagnetic signal, which is also exceedingly useful information to a so-called Voice-to-Skull victim.

Likewise, if you have been V2k’d in the past, but you do not currently hear any voices, the Gauss meter is your best bet, as it unmasks electromagnetic material, which you may – or may not - be aware that you have implanted in the oral cavity.

If you, as a V2k victim reading this blog, do NOT believe the authenticity of these claims, including the tests that can be performed in the presence of a radio frequency or electromagnetic signal intra-orally, feel free to do said test(s), which will be of no financial cost to you if you already have the meters… and see for yourself.

I invite you to test yourself and leave the result(s) of your test(s) on my open polls, found on the top right-hand side on this page.

Feel free to leave a comment, as I always like hearing from other TIs, especially those who have the V2k. Together, we stand. Divided, we fall.

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Yours in anti-mind-control

Electric Angel